More than 5 aircraft to track? -Please

FlightAware team,

Thanks for the great site first of all…you guys rock!

Many months ago I sent an email asking if we private users might one day be able to track more than 5 aircraft setup in our profile…I received a reply saying yes that was coming.
Just curious if we can still look forward to that…being able to setup 15~30 aircraft N#'s would sure help us corporate/fractional pilots see where our company has the planes scattered.

Thanks a lot,

Our premium accounts allow 25 or unlimited aircraft in My FlightAware.

Will this be coming to the free account or for people who were waiting for that before the premium accounts were created??? I hope so. What about the future map features and all the other things that have been asked before there was a premium account.

I find that 5 is more than enough to track. If I want more than five then I just put a link on my toolbar to the additional aircraft.

What I mean is what about all the other updates and stuff will I not be getting those on my non premium account???

Yea, the new map features we’ve talked about publicly (zoom/pan/overlays) will be available for all registered users.

… implies there are even more map features that haven’t been mentioned publicly. Hmmmm, what might induce me to pay for a premium account?

It would have to blow current tracking capabilities out of the water, that’s for sure.

Appreciate the reply, however…
It is disappointing. Your staff memeber who sent me the email last year saying us registered free members could expect to setup more than 5 aircraft “it’s in the works” …left a certain expectation & hope.

Well I just went to the Premium acct link and thought, Ok $20/year to be able to track 25 airplanes, I’ll do that. But at closer look I see you want $20/MONTH. With all respect…Wow.
Kind of a kick in the guts.
Might you guys consider, please, increasing the free accts to track 15 airplanes…and then re-evaluate the premium offerings cost?

Thanks for your time,

I have an idea…

QUITE GRIPING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS FREE!!! Good Lord, that is getting old.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Do I need to continue?? The staff does on hell of a job on this site. I try not to take that forgranted and I have been nothing but happy with what FA has done since it was “born”. From what I have seen this site become amazes me, especially in such a short time. Your requests are respected by all on the board and the staff because without suggestions, how can FA expand towards what its users would like to see. That being said, a friendly amendment to your idea of the going to 15 flights and the staff lowering the price of the Premium account would be to create an “Executive” level account that is less than the $20/mo and you can do something between 6-15 tracks, etc., etc. Just don’t complain about what is free already.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts…esp the ALL CAPS to make your voice heard by all.

Notice, I began my post with thanks & praise to FA.
I also gave a between-the-lines suggestion that a user would be open to paying a $20/year fee to get more tracking capacity…so there’s my business idea.

Isn’t it also just a bit clear that I’m following up on previous communications between myself & FA staff…
Ok here’s the email between us from last year, see if you agree this registered user understood that increased aircraft tracking was coming to us all…

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“Greg J Kremer” wrote:

FlightAware Staff,

First…thank you for a GREAT site!

One thing many of us air crew members comment on as we pass in the
airports and talk in pilot lounges when FlightAware come up, is
wishing you expanded the number of aircraft we could monitor to more than 5. Would you ever consider allowing us to track a max of maybe 12 ~ 20 airplanes? Many of us work with company’s that fly approx 8 ~ 12 airplanes, and we like to keep these tail numbers plugged in so at a glance we can see where they are…thereby getting a heads-up where we will dispatched to next. Really helpful for our personal planning.

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your interest in FlightAware! As far as your suggestion, we intend to offer it soon so please stick around and keep an eye out for it (and other new features!)

Best regards,

Daniel Baker

Nah, he just means in comparison to what the development team is working on. We make all the mapping stuff free to everyone and it’s about to get better, too!

Daniel does say that it is coming, which it is/has. He never said how. Beautiful use of “consumer curiosity” marketing by the staff on that one. I read your “business proposal” part as more of a personal sticker shock, not a suggestion. $20/mo is not unreasonable, in my opinion, for what is offered.

Now then, for what you want to do (Mark, Daniel, can you shed a little light on what I am about to “say” as far as yes/no?), I see no reason that your company can’t get a premium account and give those who want it, the userid and password, or, be able to put multiple logins under one account. Then again, if you are using it for a business, there is a reason it is called a “commercial” account.

Expanding the current settings for the free accounts will devalue the current commercial options, which would mean their prices would go up, thus, leading to fewer possible “upgrades”. I, like Dave (dami), have no reason to track more than 5 aircraft at one time.

It is just a pet peeve of mine on this site that users want the staff to expand what is available for free, especially when they realize they may have to pay for a little more “access”.