Preamp ?


Hi everybody,just wondering if its a problem to use a preamp with the flight feeder?.My antenna is about 45 feet high fed with lmr-600 but i’m not getting the range that i thought i would get.I have triple checked all connections and they seem ok,antenna is the jetvision gps one that was supplied with the kit.There is no interference that is nearby so i’m at a loss as to why i’m only getting around 100 nm range,thanks in advance.


A preamp is not going to play well with the hybrid antenna unfortunately.


No worries,just thought id ask :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean this one? … ucts/66903

That’s not the correct antenna, not at all.


No,not that one,lol.The jetvision one(almost identical to the a3) has a built in gps sensor,I guess that’s why the flight feeders don’t have a separate gps sensor. I have found out i had a bad piece of lmr 600 coax,and have just finished replacing it.It is working real sweet now,with max range so far at 235nm.