Low noise amplifier

Hello to the Forum,I got FlightFeeder since a week,i noticed it has a better reception than radarbox by airnav or sbs1er by kinetic=800 flights dayly vs 250/300 of sbs or radarbox.
In statistic page it reports lot of airplane at 400 km and more.Do you think an amplifier could improve the distance or overload the flightfeeder?
Thank in advance for suggestion

Hi Dxista,
antenna is the one furnished with flightfeeder and antenna height is 25 mt from the ground.

the amplifier must be installed directly near the antenna. It is necessary to compensate for signal attenuation in a long cable

Good IC:

  • MGA-13116
  • PGA-103+
  • spf5189z

Please do not modify the FlightFeeder setup without consulting support at adsbsupport@flightaware.com. Many models of the FlightFeeder are not compatible with external filters and preamps.

Thanks,in this moment antenna is 8 meters high from ground.I could raise up antenna 2 or 3 meters:could i gain something in distance on reception?

Most likely yes. Worrh trying if too much cost & effort is not involved.

First establish what maximum range you can get by method here:

What is the Maximum Range I Can Get?

Out of interest does “not compatible” here mean electrically, due to the FlightFeeder’s internal electronics (load, voltage loops, impedance, etc), or performance-wise due to the assumptions on what it will be connected to made in the FlightFeeder’s configuration?

Some FlightFeeders have an active antenna that has to be powered. Inserting additional equipment which interferes with the DC current will prevent it from working properly.

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Hi,how can i understand if flightfeeder has active antenna?

Please contact support and they can check which version you have. adsbsupport@flightaware.com