Any thoughts: FA Dongle + Preamp?

May I ask those with far more knowledge than I for some thoughts on the following please?

I have a DPD antenna high up on a gable end and I’m pleased with the range of >250NM on a good day.

I run a setup using either an FA Orange or a NooElec dongle both using an Uputronics Preamp. Interestingly the combination of FA dongle + Preamp with its own built in filter yields a marginally (~5%) better message count than the NooElec - both using an optimised gain setting. The max msg rate is about 1850/sec …

Does this make sense? Is it possible to improve this further?

Thank you! Hugh

That message rate (1800) is probably the maximum you can get for one receiver with the ADS-B protocol, due to collisions.

Many thanks for that. Would something like a Mode S Beast be any better do you think?

Kind Regards

It’s not the receiver’s fault.
The ADS-B protocol cannot handle more that that, we already have talked about that.

We did. Age. Sorry.

I tried to “separate” the traffic with two directional antenna but that would require two feeders. Each would be limited to the same number, but it will show up as two separated sites.

PS: I have personally tried some “magic” on one of them to aggregate two feeds in one view, but I failed, don’t know enough programming for this system.

I see this nearby setup and compare it to mine:

cleeveadsb 3,901 Flights 1,592,410 Positions

hughjmilsom 3,202 Flights 809,110 Positions

True, he’s on top of mast on a hill … running a Beast. Makes me wonder …


He might be aggregating/combining two feeders, like I said. :unamused:
Or the Beast is indeed a beast :slight_smile:
Analysis: … ystem.html
It’s worth mentioning this: “In reality a plane transmitting 150 km away, will get lost in the signal of a plane transmitting 500 m away and will not be seen as a collision.”

PS: I see that you have abandoned a site, you can delete it from that web page, “settings”.