Pre-set Airline Tracking


Again, while doing some deep thinking where I believe most men, including the great American inventors in history, have done their fair share of deep thinking, I cam up with the following idea for a feature:

Putting in specific commercial flights to track on specific dates. For me, this would make it real easy to track my parental units flying into TUL from BFL or SNA because I wouldn’t have to remember the day of or before to get their flight numbers again. I can just put in the flight numbers and the days I want to track them.



I’m sorry, you were saying?


Thanks for the courtesy flush…


After reading it over and over, I got it! I love that idea. It’s a good one. Keep it up!


Didn’t FA already do that with the five (5) spots for flight numbers?


In a way, yes. This would be more of a time sensitive setting. I have 5 planes that I regularly track. By adding this feature, when I use it, I don’t have to change the 5 I usually track just for one (two counting return trip, but that would technically be a different flight number) day.