PPUP not working with Piaware 3.0.4 help needed please

Can anyone tell me if they have PlanePlotter installed on a RPi using piaware 3.0.4?
if so how did you get ppup running please

if is install the normal dump1090 planeplotte works fine, but will not work with any form of mutability.

Thanks in advance


ppup1090 requires use of a binary-only object file with an unclear license that is tied to a particular build of dump1090. As such it is unsupportable.

If Bev were to document the data format that ppup1090 produces, I could implement that, but currently it is impossible to support. You should ask Bev about this.

Thanks i will email him now


email sent awaiting his reply which is normally over night


To compile your ppup1090 file, you HAVE to dowload the Malcolm Robb fork of Dump1090, EVEN if you use something else for actual decoding. Just download it into a separate diectory, compile your ppup1090, and let ppup connect to the default port 30005 to get it’s data.

I have done this and use Dump1090-mutability for decoding, but had to use the -Robb fork for ppup compilation.

mkdir pp-dump
cd pp-dump

It’s not a pretty solution, but it works.


Cheers for that