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Potential ADSBx Conflictions

Thus far my PiAware has been feeding FlightAware exclusively, but I’m interested in sharing my data with ADSBx as well.

My intent is to follow the script-based installation instructions here: https://www.adsbexchange.com/how-to-feed/#scriptmethod

My concern is if the installation of the ADSBx software will interfere in any way with feeding my data to FlightAware. It would be nice to feed ADSBx as well, but FA is what I consider most important and don’t want to loose that functionality. Can anyone confirm that both sites can successfully and reliably feed the same data?

I am running also the ADSBx script based installation in co-existence to some others on both my devices.

No issues at all.


Thank you! I had no idea the installation was so simple, but everything appears to be up and running for both FA and ADSBx. :beers:

@foxhunter I don’t see any repository related to ADSBx added to the Pi after installation of the feeder package. Is there a way to keep the ADSBx related software up to date?

If memory serves, run the script again to update, but ADSBx does not change that frequently. I think the repository can be added manually as well.

That said, repositories become “suppositories” when multiple feeds are installed on the same RPi. Just my opinion, YMMV.

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