Post your PiAware setup


OK - replaced FA-Stick with Mode-S Beast today …


Neat seeing everyone’s setup. Some pretty awesome ones. I recently got into this myself, actually it’s because I saw an ad on facebook… I normally ignore those but it sounded interesting. So I went ahead and ordered the Flightfeeder and got it yesterday and set it up.

Since it’s winter I don’t want to do any type of outdoor work so I put the antenna in the attic for now and I’m getting pretty good range. Will be interesting to see how that is affected over the months as the snow accumulates.
Being the geek that I am… of course I had to take it apart before turning it on. :stuck_out_tongue:
I threw together a really basic stand for the antenna
And put it up in the attic.
This is the feeder itself, I just put it on the shelf. Yes, I need to clean up the cable management one of these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 4 hours of battery backup for my server rack, so I should be good to go as far as uptime.

My goal this summer is to build a shed, and I will add a mast to it, then move the antenna there with proper lightning rod/arrestor etc. I also want to experiment with solar power for the shed, if I can setup a small solar setup that can keep the inside at a reasonable temperature I will probably move the equipment there so I can get away with a shorter cable run. Right now I have a 10m cable. There was option for 5 10 and 15 if I recall.

For my setup I did not go with the filter, and it seems to work fine, but once I have more data I might add it in to see what effect it has.


Finally finished the move from attic to outside. Fun build!



Interesting, so it is basically a Pi + display and a Pro (Plus?) stick!?

OT I like the USB cable, I have a small WDLabs Pi case where I have problems fitting a usb cable because it is not very flexible.[/quote]


Yes, plus a custom image that provides the status display and remote management/upgrade. Otherwise, it’s very similar to a regular piaware feeder.


:laughing: Someone did that a couple of years ago and asked Mr. Baker if he would release the software, and piware was born. That conversation was the first I’d heard of an rPi. Isn’t that about the time that OBJ became concerned about dump1090 running as root, and forked mutablilty?
It’s being quite a ride :slight_smile:


My secondary receiver mounted in the loft.

This was originally sitting on a window ledge in the back bedroom and I moved it up into the loft an hour or so ago, you can clearly see where.

The chimney breast is blocking coverage in one particular direction but apart from that, this is working really rather well. It’s not far off the performance of my main receiver which is a Moonraker aerial mounted at 38ft AGL outside in the clear. On that setup I have 15m of EcoFlex 15 coax to an Uputronics LNA/ceramic filter and an RTL-SDR dongle.

I really need to get that preamp back at the masthead, ideally with the RPi there as well as it should be significantly better than the indoor setup.


Cabinet brand? Price? URL?


Posted this in another thread but it works here too

Antenna 8 elem home made coco at 13 feet, 1/2in pvc held with 1/2in clamps, Piece of 2x4 holds it

Entry for Cables (My Ham Radio Beam, 2m vert, Long wire, ADSB, and Rotor Control)

Raspi sits on the back of my desk hidden by Monitor


Have to start somewhere. 8) Didn’t want the Pi to be baking in direct sunlight and I wasn’t sure if a 5ft cable was going to be enough so I got a 7ft. Figured I would add the plate to keep the slightly warm Pi off the box until I can get a proper table. The antenna is strung up on a shoe lace in a southern facing 2nd story window. (Hides behind the curtain so I don’t have to look at it.) The reception is heavy to the south but I manage to pick up targets in almost all directions. So for a newbie to this all, who said window antennas don’t work good. :stuck_out_tongue: (In an apartment complex with about 20 wifi routers and a cell tower 1500ft away.


Ok, I definitely have range jealousy for this one.

What’s it like around your house, i.e., no trees?

Do you have snow on the roof?


Nice mew!

#113 image hosting

I am fortunate enough to be the bldg. mngr here and the company has been very good to me in allowing this




Surprisingly there’s trees and it’s a fairly standard neighbourhood setting where houses are close enough together, but I do have a field in front of my house, which is the east side. There is definitely lot of snow on the roof at this point, probably at least 2-3 feet, though I wonder if normal dry snow is less bad than wet snow. Maybe it will drop my range when it starts to melt in spring. I added the filter a while back just to see what difference it makes, I’d say it even increased it a bit more. Some directions are better than others. Sault St. Marie seems to be a hot spot for some reason where I see them far while in other directions it does not go quite that far but still decently far considering it’s not an optimal setup.

This is the range info in my profile:

Actually it just occurred to me when I initially set this up there was no leaves on the trees, so it will be interesting to see in summer when all the trees start to get leaves. The fact that the trees are bare is probably helping me a lot now.


My setup is new. I don’t have an antenna on my tower yet. Just a fullwave single element I cut for 1090 MHz and the whole thing is sitting on the top of my rack waiting for a permanent installation:


Hi all,

I am a new user from Switzerland (since 1 week), kept reading the forum from Dec then in Jan I’ve started buying all components from eBay and other online suppliers, but it took almost one month for all goods to arrive here since delivering stuff in this country is a real PITA :slight_smile:

I am surrounded by Mont Blanc, the Alps and the Jura mountains, so I am a bit obstructed in the SE and NW directions, along with some buildings around and the fact that I cannot really go on the very top of the roof but on my balcony (rented apt on last floor).

I like analytics at large so I will try to setup data export and build some things in the coming weeks.

For the moment happy to be here and a special thanks to jprochazka and abcd for the scripts and all the explanations I’ve found on the forum.


PiAware with pro stick plus:

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finished my setup today with new antenna and a GPS + final mount of components…




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Not much to brag about, but it works. Took this shot to show a buddy and figured I’d post it here.
And not that I’m obsessive or anything, but I did add the missing ferrite bead on the black USB cable. :wink: