Post your PiAware setup


Hopefully this should work ok now, have 2 set up on opposite sides of the house. Pi ADS-B North Facing Receiver by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr

North Facing: Pi ADS-B North Facing Screenshot by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr Pi ADS-B North Facing by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr

South Facing Pi ADS-B South Facing Screenshot by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr Pi ADS-B South Facing by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr

Bog standard antenna for now until a few parts I have ordered arrive to make a cantenna.


Apparently I’m practically a neighbor to @ShirBlackspots.

Flight Aware antenna and filter with 15ft LMR240 in between. Pi in the attic, and dongle in the little outlet box.


Impressive range map, fatherdoctor!

You might try cutting the stock antenna whip down to 1/4 wavelength. For me that made a noticeable improvement.


Did make an improvement but now replaced with a Cantenna producing even better results. Now planning on moving the setup outdoors. Improvements by Jason Nicholls, on Flickr


My “sandbox” rig, sort of non-traditional receiver setup, but it is indeed running PiAware and MLAT, albeit not on a RPi, in a little corner of the K5TED ham shack. Antenna is in a NW facing window.


I haven’t got a photo of the inside of the enclosure and it’s nothing pretty, I will take one in the next day or so when I replace the fan inside the enclosure… But this is everything that’s up on the roof (not all is radar related)

That’s a 16 element CoCo made from RG6, not sure what brand, but at the time I was able to get VF for it so the lengths are as accurate as I could get them…
The box with the pipes is the radar Pi enclosure, PWM fan inside, controlled by the Pi and 1-wire temp sensor… Seems to be working well to stop the temperature from fluctuating so much it affects the clock in the SDR dongle…

The other bits up there are raspberryPi weather cams and wind sensors…

Radar range with FA Pro dongle and FA filter and the 2mtrs or so of RG6 from the Antenna down the pole into the box with filter directly connected and dongle connected straight to the filter (100km range rings):

Trying to find a snapshot before I got the new gear…


The coverage is 250nm in the directions where it is possible.



actual setup:

click to enlarge:
each ring is 25NM - outlines are theoretical reach <10,000ft, <20,000ft, <30,000ft and <40,000ft - colors are real reach <10,000ft light green, <20,000ft green, <30,000ft purple and >30,000ft red.



Can you add distance circles to the map ?


posted above what you were asking for.



We have more or less the same pattern :wink:


G’day all,

Wow. Some great installs being posted here!

Here are a couple of pics of my antenna and range map. There’s nothing special about how my Pi sits inside the garage roof so I didn’t bother photographing that.

The antenna is set up on my garage and then up as high as I could get it (height is king!) as I’m in a valley and only 25m above sea level. It’s a homemade 8 element coco made out of RG6 --> Perfect vision amp --> 10 meters RG6 --> 12VDC power injector for amp --> mini circuits 1090MHz filter --> Nooelec DVB Mini 2+ stick --> powered USB hub --> Rpi 2.

The range rings on the VRS map are at 100km.

Cheers, Goldy


Hey Goldy,

Do you have the aggressive switch turned on in dump1090?


Hi bhaal, Not sure what you mean…is that a setting in the .conf file?




It’s recommended to leave it off as it tends to produce more bad than good results, I used to get lots of extreme spikes at impossible altitudes, turning the aggressive decoding off stopped this from happening…


Okay, no “AGGRESSIVE=” setting in my .conf file at all.

I thought the spikes were spurious at first as well but after clearing the map a couple of times over the past few months they keep coming back, so I’m guessing they are legit. Hey, I’ll take 'em…I need all the stats I can get!


Hahaha so they are above 30000ft spikes? Not bad if they are!


Yeah, most of my data is above 30k feet. Some of the incoming/outgoing international flights are around 40-42k and some private jets 45k. Certainly helps the detection range!


How do i post photos in my reply?
Want to show my new setup.



Hi Peter,
You have to upload them to a photo sharing site then use the [ to point to them. I use PhotoBox but there are loads available.]( to point to them. I use PhotoBox but there are loads available.)