Post light male type sockette (non bulb)


I have a little DIY project to make a post light socket to female cigarette lighter socket adaptor. I made one using an actual post light soldering to the filament posts but this is VERY difficult as well as not very strong. What I really need is the male end of a post light with easily soderable connections on the other end. From what I can tell the outer diameter is just under 8mm (I think its the standard Cessna post lights) Any ideas?



That is not going to be a good idea unless you are running another light, that circuit is low amperage and is DIMMED. If you are trying to plug in lets say a GPS and you dim the cockpit you could have a meltdown. Remember amperage goes up as voltage goes down. the GPS will require a set amount of wattage to run, as you dim it is going to take more and more current and that circuit may get very unhappy.