Post 18/06/2011 06:17AM N21512 Super King Air 200


It must be a Transformer Super King Air 200. Don’t know what it is except that it looks Russian, it probably lands on water and it doesn’t have twin turbo-props.

An Antanov?

I’d say the auto recognition software has latched onto the 21512 numbering and mis labelled it.

I would like to know what it is though!


It’s a Beriev Be-200ChS flying boat. It’s been around for a number of years, there are quite a few photos and videos of it on the 'net.


Thanks … I was looking only at the Antanov entries so I didn’t find it.


Am I missing something here?

#5 … tes/page/1


The photo was uploaded with the tail number 21512 and code BE-200, which FA interpreted as N21512 (software always places “N” in front of a numeric id) and Beech Kingair 200.

In fact the tail number is RF-21512 and the type code is BER2, but that wouldn’t solve it either as FA would interpret “RF” as a Florida West flight.