Positions from Feeder



I’m merely running an indoor system, no special aerial, usually range around 30 miles but do record some further on occasions.

On the stats page am curious about the section of Flights with Positions from this Feeder; what determines if my submitted data is used or is it just random? Reason I ask is that two I viewed the aircraft were 30+ miles away at time of recording the data used from my feeder.

I am sure there are many feeders closer than mine at that point - I mistaken believed it might be aircraft which were close but obviously not.




check this from tracklog, list flights with positions

Wed 20:46:58 37.2288 24.4455 340° North 448 35,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (LGAT) / evangelyul xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

seems when the position is been used, FA marks it with receiver username/id.
there was a post by Obj long ago -can’t find it -, about the criteria used by the server.



Wont it be better (for privacy reasons) if in your above post you replace your actual feeder-id by something like below?



thanks abcd, just not security minded :grin:


The FA flightdata showed that my receivers data had been used in the flight log. Bearing in mind the high number of PiAware stations that are used I would have guessed a closer unit’s data would have been used.

So my curiosity is; if numerous stations record a position which one gets used?