Recent flights with positions from this feeder (max dist)

Today I noticed a flight from Houston to Mexico that showed up on my “Recent flights with positions from this feeder on” list at 243 miles. I think that’s the most distant I’ve noticed on that list so far.

What’s the farthest on your list (not the farthest your receiver picks up, but the farthest that makes it on this list), and where is the flight? Maybe for easiest reading, post a link to the track log and state your location. For example, I’m in Austin. Here’s the link to the track log I just referenced. … X/tracklog

Hmmm. Apparently, the distance listed is a recent distance and not a distance recorded in the log (none of the points with my ID attached were anywhere near 243 miles). That makes sense. I expect usually there’s a closer receiver that would be used. Speaking of which, one thing I’ve wondered about is how FA decides when receiver’s data gets used in a log.

I believe the “Recent flights” list distance field is indeed the distance of the last position you sent, but you won’t necessarily get a tracklog position for it since the tracklog only updates every 30 seconds or so.