Port change, perfomance graphs not working

In an attempt to have access to the dump1090-fa maps remotely through the internet I changed the lighttpd port from the standard port 80 to random port 8110.
Added the port forward to the router and allowed in the firewall.
I now have remote access to the dump1090-fa maps.

This afternoon I noticed that the performance graphs has stopped working since I did the port number change.
How do I get the performance graphs working again with the new port number I changed lighttpd to?

I have dump1090-fa installed through jprochazka adsb-receiver scripts.
Dump1090-fa has been updated to 3.2.1

Used the following to change the lighttpd port number

sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
and restarted lighttpd
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd

Can you change the port forwarding rule to change the port too?
Then you can leave the port number as standard TCP 80.

Will have to investigate the port forwarding rule to change the port too, only seen examples with same internal and external ports.

Here you go: post187532.html?hilit=port#p187532

Thank you, will give that a try.

That did it, all working again.
Had to restart the RasPi for everything to working again.

Still going to investigate this option, as I’m seeing the benefit in leaving the standard ports as is.
Less stuff to stop working and not knowing how to fix.

Managed to setup the router and firewall to allow the port change on the port froward.
I think this is a better long term solution, makes for a simpler setup.