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Popular Photos -information submitted

Quite often the submitter of a photo provides little or no information about the photo. Additional information would make the submission more interesting, IMO.

Sometimes the info provided includes only the aircraft type, and I wonder where the photo was taken, i.e. the geographical location, the situation, the airport name, etc. (Suggestions: “Learjet 45, takeoff from Chicago Midway.” or “A380 over the Alps.”)


I suggest that FA make the field completion a requirement for posting.

I want to see photo on flightaware and we can’t see nothing whart A BIG SHAME

What’s a “whart?” Who’s “flightaware?” (It’s FlightAware). Who’s “we?” Which photo do you want to see?

Hint: airliners.net, jetphotos.net

The photo section was ‘unavailable’ for a brief period today…