Plural flights on the map with extra data


Hi all,

Is it possible to display plural flights on the fligth tracking map ?
If yes is it possible to display extra custom data below each plane ?

If not I will use FloghtXML but do you have informations about the pricing ?

Thanks for your help


You can add multiple aircraft to your “My Aircraft” section of My Flightaware, up to the limits of your account type (5 for registered users, higher for premium user account types). Then you can view the overall status and position of them at for pricing details. There is no ability to display extra custom data at this time, but we have received such a request from other users in the past so we might consider something like that in the future.

Alternatively, you can implement your own functionality using FlightXML. Pricing for FlightXML is dependent upon how frequently you call our API functions. Pricing for FlightXML is described at … _class.rvt


Thanks for yours answers