Please Help Me Decifer Weather Report QUICKLY!

KMKE 131252Z 01004KT 10SM OVC007 17/14 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP174 T01720144

I know what everything else means but for OVC007, does this means overcast at 700ft?




Where can I find info about fog?

Thanks for the lightning fast response davysims

What kind of info do you want about fog? Looking at that weather report, it isn’t foggy just a low overcast.

I’m headed to an airshow in Milwaukee and yesterday it was canceled due to fog. I’m wondering how to get the most accurate info so I’ll know if the show ill go on or not.

Call the airport before you go :wink: Seriously.

METARS are not updated that frequently and if there are no rapidly changing weather conditions, it’s only updated once an hour for most airports.

Weather Underground has a raft of good weather info. … ct=WEATHER

that link will send you to the MKE airport page at Weather underground…sorry, but I couldn’t shorten the link…

It’s VFR there now. Enjoy the show.

Thank you all for the help! The airshow turned out great!!! The aviation community is best!