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Planeplotter feed to FlightAware stopped

The Feed to FlightAware from my PlanePlotter is broken as well. PP support say it’s that FlightAware has stopped supporting the PP feeders but I would have thought that if that was the case, then the bot sending out the ‘Howdy - we aren’t seeing your PlanePlotter data’ would already know the reason and thank us kindly for the 5 years or so of data but see you later thanks…

In the absence of that or some other announcement I still assume that something is broken at FlightAware and they will fix it.

Do not be impertinent, it is not for you to tell me what to do or when.

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Now now boys, let’s not fight.

You can butt out too :slight_smile:

Hello All,

We had a hiccup last night with a code deployment that is currently preventing us from receiving data from PlanePlotters. Our web team is aware of the problem and will have a fix to resume accepting data shortly. We appreciate you all bringing this to our attention and your patience while we get everything sorted out.

Thank you!


@esmathews, thanks for your reply. Regards.

Thanks for the information and getting Planeplotter data feeds backup and working.

Looks like it is back again… thanks.

Pleased to see it was mishap rather than malice. :slight_smile:

Yes! It is now back online. Thank you!

Wow. Some of you were ready to march on Huston and burn down the building. All fixed with a simple “thanks” but not a single “sorry” . Who are you people anyway?


I finally receive an email from FlightAware.


Today we are announcing that FlightAware intends to discontinue support for data feeding via the Planeplotter software at the end of 2019. Planeplotter has been a part of our ADS-B data network for many years and has served us well as we built our worldwide coverage. We appreciate everyone who has contributed via this method over the years. As our PiAware and FlightFeeder network has grown, the size of our Planeplotter network has gotten smaller. FlightAware continues to invest in the development of our own software and the ongoing growth of our ADS-B network. We encourage current Planeplotter participants to consider using PiAware as their data feeding software in the future. We are providing this notice in advance to give everyone an opportunity to convert their feeder setup if they choose to do so.

It is important to note that users that wish to continue using Planeplotter to view and visualize ADS-B data will be able to continue doing that by connecting Planeplotter to the output of a PiAware, FlightFeeder, or other ADS-B data source. This is a feature of Planeplotter and is not within FlightAware’s control.

We will be reaching out directly to our Planeplotter participants via e-mail as well to keep them updated on the upcoming changes. The timeline of changes is:

· April 1 – no new Planeplotter sites may be claimed on flightaware.com

· October 1 – Planeplotter data will no longer appear in tracklogs on flightaware.com or on the “recent positions from this feeder” list on the “My ADS-B” page

· December 31 – “My ADS-B” page will no longer continue accumulating statistics for Planeplotter sites and Planeplotter feeders will not receive Enterprise Account benefits after this time

We understand that this change is significant to those of you using Planeplotter and is not a decision we made without careful consideration. If you believe your location provides important coverage then you may feel free to request a FlightFeeder for your location, and we may reach out to specific users proactively if we believe this option a good option.

Thank you for your support of the FlightAware ADS-B network!


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ICYMI, posted a day after this thread was started

Need a tissue to wipe that egg off of your face?

Subsequent events suggest otherwise.

@belzybob You still don’t have to react as an entitled b***h.
You did not loose any money in this, nobody owns you anything.
You seem to be pissed at anyone answering you, maybe you can piss off then?

01/31/19 @ 21:12:00utc.
I built a system more for the fun of designing a co-linear antenna w/LNA etc. on an old PC and PP.
I received the FA email about discontinuing PP this morning and several hours later I received an"Inactivity Notification" from PP.
In the past this issue was 50/50 a problem here or (usually a cable got pulled) with PP itself.
I also feed other ADSB sites at this moment, the others are receiving my data, so I checked MyADSB on FA, it’s Live, must be a PP issue?

Well - not exactly malice… I’m still prepared to think that they had an ‘unintended consequence’ for a change they made. …although clearly they had been discussing this latest announcement with Bev at PP before this fault occurred.

I think I will drop my PP feed to FA all the same. It clearly isn’t much use to them and for some reason their Enterprise Level account position reports in this area are always several minutes delayed.
I may share again from a R-Pi but they have a lot of sharers in this area now - many more than back when I was the first in 2012. At one stage I had 3 PiAware setups and the PP Sharer in different locations. Now, since I lost access to the other locations, its just the PP Sharer from home.

edited for context and clarity.

If you don’t use their premium software, then sure, there is no hard reason to share.

Not at all. Bad behavior is never good form. Try to hold yourself in check until you think about you are saying.

I don’t use any of FA online software but I do like the low level MLAT in my location (mid-UK) as a result of sharing. Down to 500’ locally so all sorts of GA , helicopters and military.