Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Florida

Raw video footage of nose gear collapse:


That was a great landing! He did a good job. :wink:

“A good landing is any landing you can walk away from”

Might could have pulled the mixture to save the engines once the wheels were down, but still a good job.

Check the text under the video:

“The pilot of a small engine plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Miami-Dade County…”

A C414 isn’t exactly a “small engine plane” is it? I guess compared to a 777 it is.

How do you know he didn’t?

They got the phraseology wrong. However, the C414 is still a light aircraft. Light aircraft are those aircraft under 12,500 pounds gross weight.

I guess technically it’s a light aircraft. To me though, anything twin and with more than 4 seats doesn’t really qualify, but what do I know. I see a B200 qualifies too - I definitely don’t consider that a light aircraft.

Supposedly the break point between small and large aircraft was set at 12,500 pounds many, many years ago because 12,500 was one half of the weight of a DC-3. Don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I read many years ago.

A LJ-25 is a light AC and its over 12,500

Nope, it ain’t. It’s a /S+

Weight classes per FAA JO 7340.2A CONTRACTIONS

Code Description
/S Small U.S. designated aircraft of 12,500 lbs. or less
/S+ Small ‘Plus’ U.S. desgnated aircraft weighing between 12,500 and 41,000 lbs.
/Lt Light ICAO designated aircraft of 15,500 lbs. or less
/L Large U.S. designated aircraft of mroe than 41,000 lbs., up to 255,000 lbs.
/M Medium ICAO designated aircraft of more than 15,00 lbs., and less than 300,000 lbs.
//H Heavy U.S. desginated aircraft of 255,000 lbs., or more. ICAO desginated aircraft of 300,000 lbs. or more.

Wow David, not only are you wrong you even posted the f-ing answer. remember pal, I fly a -25 (light) along with a -35 (medium).

:confused: I thought they landed at KFLL? What Dade County field did they land on? … /KFLL/KFLL

Miami International? The only reason I say that is because in the video the plane landed on runway 12, but don’t know which airport. But Miami Intl has a runway 12, so just maybe…?

KOPF has one…and…theres a Coast Guard Air Sta there. My guess looking at the vid again and recognizing the roads…my bet is on OPF.

Watching the props, their speed seems constant from touchdown to impact with the runway. Either way, the important thing was to get down safe. Saving parts comes second.

Oh, okay. I just didn’t know of any other airports with a 12. :slight_smile:

I think both of you are correct. One is “US designated” and the other is “ICAO designated”