Emergency Landing Video

Emergency landing in Show Low AZ. Great job by Pilot to land the plane without landing gear and rescue his passenger.

flickr.com/photos/showlowfir … 842182982/

:open_mouth: Uhh, I think that the AFR boys were a bit overzealous with the retardant…

What say you Beech?..

I had the same thoughts.

landing looked good though, less of a surprise than for those who have done an accidental gear up landing!

Kind of funny the slogan on the front of the foam truck says “Ain’t no fire big enough”. Dude! There ain’t no fire! I wonder how the avionics and interior made it through?

Cool video…

Best sounding trucks in the world!

As an ARFF guy, I do wonder why they used foam, and hosed down the whole plane like that. I could see using a little bit of plain water around the bottom of the plane and runway to cool the belly to reduce the chances of any ignition, but not the foam and hosing the entire plane.

No kidding…that added a new meaning to “Surround and Drown”…LOL.
I can understand an underbelly spray just for precaution. We (the Navy Crash-n-Dash) did on many gear ups…but cmon…No fire? and it aint a frikken C-5 for christ sake. :laughing: …I think those boys just wanted something to do and play with the turrets a little longer than needed. I wouldnt know anything about though… :blush:

I’m sure the pilot would have closed the door if he new he was about to get hosed down with foam . . .

FAA report lists the pilot as injured - at least he looks stoic for the child!!
(FAA reports often wrong info on the preliminary)

Listed as a 1960 P210 N9527T.