Plane Incident Diverts Air Traffic From KRVS

TULSA, Oklahoma – Air traffic is being diverted from Jones Riverside Airport on Elwood Drive because of an incident on one of the runways.

The nose gear collapsed on a Beech 76 Duchess airplane. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the twin-engine, 1982 model airplane is registered to Christiansen Aviation, which operates a flight school at Jones Riverside.

The view from SkyNews 6 shows both propellers are bent. SkyNews 6 pilot Will Kavanagh said he believes the plane had just landed when the nose gear collapsed.

Images from SkyNews 6 show long gouges in the runway, suggesting the plane skidded quite a distance before finally coming to a stop.

Kavanagh said repairing the damage done to the plane will likely be very expensive.

There were no injuries reported