PiperJet update


This one’s flying shortly.

Piper Completes Static Load Tests on PiperJet
A proof-of-concept version of Piper’s single-engine jet has withstood normal static loads of 3.8 positive and 1.5 negative Gs, and first engine runs are expected soon. Piper hopes to achieve first flight of the developmental jet this summer. The Williams FJ44-3AP turbofan engine has been installed in the standalone nacelle incorporated into the vertical tail of the jet, in the manner of the center engine on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 airliner.

And yes…a poll!
PiperJet would be my choice as long as changes in power settings don’t cause any radical pitch changes. Kind of like a high-engined amphib. I hope the boys (and girls) at Piper do their homework on the computer before they build it. That’s about my only issue with that jet, is the position of the engine. Otherwise, it looks cool!



I had the same issue with the location of the engine. alot of eggs in that basket-

I asked the piper rep in San Antonio about it and he sent me some literature. There are links on the website as well. In the event of a rotor burst, the main spars for the vertical and horizontal stabs are out of the trajectory path. take a look-


I would have to go with the piper jet

The cirrus just doesn’t do anything for me.


Not really sure if the Piper jet is in the same class as the rest of these VLJ’s. Its about twice the price and twice the size.


What’s the price?


Priced from $2.199M (in 2006 USD with a CPI-W escalator),

From PiperJet’s website.
Also there’s a video of the jet’s first run & taxi on the site.


I really like the speed of the Piper Jet, and it only has 1 engine, which for me is a plus. It will be cheaper to operate then 2 smaller engines. Now, as for the money…


i think it’s a perfect step up for someone who flies a malibu or light twin. A new baron is over a million right now. more expense on the front end, less on the operating end with the added speed and comfort. Wouldn’t it pay for itself after a while? Depending on the mission profile I would say it has it’s own niche. Sort of Similar to the malibu when it first showed up(minus the problems of a new model)

I’m not figuring in insurance costs because it varies with the pilot.