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Having bought and configured a Ping1090i ADS-B transceiver, I cannot see an output in my FlightAware setup. Should I or are there any other settings which I have missed please?

Thank you for any assistance.

What’s your receiver setup? How are you testing?

Good morning, thank you for your reply.

Set-up is PiAware running latest version with FlightAware Pro stick plus, FlightAware filter and large FlightAware antenna.

Ping1090i is configured as per manufacturers instructions and is just connected to power.

Both devices are within very close range to each other. Happy to conduct any tests yuo may be able to advise. PiAware seems to be functioning well on all other detections.

Thank you again for your assistance.

This is possibly the problem - the receiver hardware is tuned for relatively distant transponders and will be deafened by very close transmitters.

If you can try with the transponder further away (couple of hundred meters or more) that would be the simplest thing to try.

You could also try turning down the piaware rtlsdr gain setting (though that applies a few steps into the receive path, so it’s possible that things are overloading before it gets to the variable gain stage)

Or you could try inserting a RF attenuator between the antenna and dongle (you can get them for a few dollars on Amazon etc - this sort of thing)

Thank you @obj. I have moved the transceiver now well away from the receiver and still no joy.

If there was another receiver near me, I would hope this would have picked up the transceiver too.

Do you have any other suggestions please and as far as you are aware, should the Ping1090i device work with FlightAware? There isn’t anything in the configuration that would be filtering it out would there? I need to find a way of confirming the Ping is working as all LEDs onboard suggest it is.

Many thanks for your assistance.

That will be too much attenuation.
One wall can be a strong signal reduction, multiple buildings will completely block 1090 MHz.

Is the ping1090i getting a GPS position that’s sufficient for transmitting?

How are you receiving other aircraft with your setup?
Is the antenna for the ping1090i connected with the correct SMA connector? (beware of RP-SMA that’s missing the pin)

So … i’d say you should probably try one room away then 2 rooms away and so forth, gradually put more attenuation between sender and antenna.
And you should put the gain of the FA SDR at let’s say 36 that should give you a good baseline.

Many thanks for your help @wiedehopf, setting the gain to 36 seems to have helped. I am now seeing the Ping1090 in FlightAware. I will put another post up regarding UAS detections :slight_smile: