I’ve had this tradition after a good flight I get myself a fountain soda. I’ve done it since I was doing my instrument at an airport 80 mi from my house. I’d stop at a gas station and get a soda for the ride home. It turned into a tradition, but if I had a bad flight, (ie Boffed an approach or something) I’d have to settle for ice tea. That has carried on to after each flight I now stop and get a soda for the 30 mi drive back home. This is along with my lucky flying St.Louis Blues ball cap.

Do you have any pre / post flight rituals or supersitions? Pilots, or passengers.

I’ve gotten out and kissed the ground a few times. Does that count?

Same prayer all the time every time.

I have a rule when a female pax is on her 1st GA flight and we pass 5280’ but I can’t post the video here.

Have you be checked for OCD? :laughing:

:laughing: Frank your sooo my hero.

If i’m the pilot…close my flight plan. :stuck_out_tongue:

no comment :smiley: let’s just say the ritual is a continuation of the orderlyness of cockpit resource management.

After we drop off the big guys into their limo we usually dip into the linquer cabinet while we’re tucking the AC away for a few days outside of her hangar.

I’m not a very religious person but I do cross myself and say a prayer before takeoff every time (sometimes I sneak it in so nobody sees me :blush: ). It always works. It never occurs to me before landing, the most dangerous phase of flight.

Your future wife must have thought it was cute. So, did you mother go along with it too? Did you pitch that to any daughters or nieces?

At one of the airlines I worked at, we had a Captain who would say a prayer, after the paperwork was handed out, and before engine start. Some of the rampers who didn’t know what he was doing, were curious what was taking so long. He did it every flight.

When I fly the airlines, a prayer before every take off and landing. When I am pointing the metal I have not done the same. Hmmmm…I never thought about it before. I think I will start doing that now. I’ll take God in the cockpit any ole time…Herman.

I pat the cowling before every flight as my last pre- flight item as if the plane were my lab and say “be a good girl”

I just do a good preflight inspection before I go up… :wink:

Am I the only one??? :confused:

You mean pilots are still supposed to do those these days??

:laughing: I would hate going up knowing it was not done!