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PiAware3 on a Pi4, quick & dirty

For testing purposes only *
Here is a quick and dirty method to test your shiny new PI-4’s on Buster Lite up and running with the latest Piaware 3.7.2. UAT and portal support included.

I said “dirty” method on purpose, because it is just that, but it’s good enough to get the curious up and running with support of everything the current Piaware revision has to offer.

I am using Joe’s script ( https://www.adsbreceiver.net/ ) as a basis of the install with a few “hacks”. His scripts have always been awesome in my opinion, but they haven’t been updated recently, so we need to force a few changes to get things going on a Pi4 with Buster.

Start with a fresh burn of the latest Buster Lite (change your password!):

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

sudo apt -y install git build-essential cmake libtool autoconf automake libusb-1.0-0-dev \
pkg-config zlib1g-dev bc libboost-system-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-regex-dev \

git clone git://git.osmocom.org/rtl-sdr.git
cd rtl-sdr
mkdir build && cd $_
make -j4
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
sudo cp ../rtl-sdr.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

git clone https://github.com/jprochazka/adsb-receiver.git ~/adsb-receiver && cd $_
sed -i 's/\"9\" \]\]\; then DISTRO_PHP_VERSION=\".*\"/\"9\" \]\]\; then DISTRO_PHP_VERSION=\"7.2\"/' bash/portal/install.sh
sed -i 's/DUMP1090_FA_VERSION=\".*\"/DUMP1090_FA_VERSION=\"3.7.2\"/' bash/variables.sh
sed -i 's/PIAWARE_VERSION=\".*\"/PIAWARE_VERSION=\"3.7.2\"/' bash/variables.sh
sed -i 's/MLAT_CLIENT_VERSION=\".*\"/MLAT_CLIENT_VERSION=\"0.2.10\"/' bash/variables.sh
sed -i 's/MLAT_CLIENT_TAG=\".*\"/MLAT_CLIENT_TAG=\"0.2.10\"/' bash/variables.sh
sed -i 's/jessie/stretch/g' bash/feeders/piaware.sh
sed -i 's/dpkg-buildpackage -b 2>\&1/sudo rm -rf cx_Freeze-5.1.1\n    git clone https:\/\/github.com\/anthony-tuininga\/cx_Freeze.git cx_Freeze-5.1.1\n    dpkg-buildpackage -b 2>\&1/' bash/feeders/piaware.sh
chmod +x install.sh

Just follow the on-screen instructions and be sure to select dump1090-fa when the time comes.


Dump978 also works just fine should you choose to install along with the web portal, beast splitter, etc should you desire.

If you are an Airspy user, run the following - all others skip this:
Courtesy: https://github.com/wiedehopf/airspy-conf

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiedehopf/airspy-conf/master/install.sh)"

Settings maybe altered via usual methods (piaware-config) and/or:
(dump1098-fa) sudo nano /etc/default/dump1090-fa
(dump978) sudo nano /home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/dump978/dump978-maint.sh

So far as aforementioned “hacks”, basically we’re altering the script to use the latest (as of the time of this post) dump1090, piaware and mlat general releases, force php7.2 for the portal install and fix the cxfreeze issue in the current piaware-builder (Buster hack) by incorporating the latest cxfreeze from git.

This has not been endorsed by the powers to be as they are working on things and is meant for testing purposes only.