Piaware without dump1090 from FA


Can someone tell me how to install piaware onto my existing dump1090 malcom robb version .
I have tried other versions , including fa and mut but Malcoms seems the most stable for me.
I want to retain this version but every time I insert command apt-get upgrade, piaware installs its own dump1090 which then becomes the default from my unattended rpi starting script.
Is the way around this to set the piaware update and auto update values to off by setting them to zero instead of 1 ?
Install piaware without dpkg the dump1090 files in the guide, then just faup1090 installs ?
Is there a .tgz installer without dump1090-mr (flightaware version of dump1090).


Have you seen this for installing PiAware on an existing Dump1090?

This is what I have done.




Hi Marty,
I take it that with wheezy and dump1090 already installed on your sd.
Extract the zip, add the extracted image to the sd card along with your install above.
What happens then ?
hopefully the system restarts into the command line with dump1090 running as it did before adding the image or does piaware start automatically with prompts to config ?
will the same issue happen when i insert apt-get update ?


PiAware should start automatically. With Dump1090 and PiAware running, type piaware-status at the command prompt to see the status.