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Does dump1090-fa install without piaware talk home to flightaware in any way?


just two short question cause i’m too lazy tonight for wireshark:


I don’t think so. For sending data you will need piaware as well.

Settings are made in the config under /etc/default

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No. (Other than the obvious thing that when you fetch the packages, that request ends up in our web logs)


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@foxhunter @obj

thanx guys for superfast help + have a nice weekend despite all this covid19 trouble


Just curious - Whats the problem with the “possible” dialing home? Since you ask here, I guess you already feeding.

is there a description/list of all possible config params/values for dump1090-fa anywhere?

Have you tried dump1090-fa --help?
Apart from that, the source code.

Anything in particular you’re looking for?

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:sweat_smile: no. yes - my brain. thanx!

Hey @TomMuc, glad to see you after a long gap. Welcome back!

Reminds me of your following how-to’s

Daily Log/E-Mail Aircraft Report directly on your RaspberryPi

Dump1090 MySQL Database Script with Alert and Filter

The Final Filter Shootout

FlightAirMap - watching Your live Data next Level


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hi abcd567. thank you. yes - once upon a time. good to see you still here - the good soul of the fa forum!
have a good one!

Just in case you’re looking for some esoteric functionality like a TCP connect functionality, try one of the readsb flavors:
https://github.com/wiedehopf/readsb (caution, bleeding edge segfaults :wink: (they tend to get fixed pretty fast, usually before i push to github))

Mine also has a TCP json output that will send out the state of an aircraft when a new position for that aircraft arrives with some minimum and maximum interval settings.
Some rudimentary SBS input (will not be output via beast/AVR only as SBS again, so not a converter).

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hi wiedehopf,

nope - i just wanted to make a super simple setup for home use.

but thanks for the links anyways! i’ll have a look at it and i have already seen that you have created a lot of good stuff here and on github over the last years.


well done the new 4.0 map interface.