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Piaware v 6.1 results after 7 days

I’ve upgraded to Piaware v6 and v6.1 when they were released and I thought it would be interesting to share the results after a week of running them.

All in all these 2 versions have improved my reception of positions and aircraft.
All is dependable on the weather off course but I can see some good results of these software versions.

I have auto gain enabled and it does it’s job very nicely.
Previously I had the gian set manually, the autogain uses a little higher level and also the weak signal floor has been raised from an average of -34,5 dbfs on manual gain to -30 dbfs on autogain. I know I can reduce that but I’m still in evaluation mode.

Using 4 recievers show an slightly higher postion in the user ranking on Flightaware, ( I used to be around postion 120, now on postion 110).
The position is ofcourse not relevant but it is nice to see that the autogain improves also in relation to other feeders.

Anyway, if you wonder if the new software version is usefull just look at the pictures below. These are from 1 out of 4 feeders, change date is 2 september 2021
Equipment used : Raspberry Pi 3 B, Flightware Prostick (Blue),Flightaware Darkblue filter, FA Antenna (indoor) or Vinnant Antenna (outdoor).
A job well done by Flightaware :wink:

snip 5


Thanks for sharing!

I think the auto-gain is a great idea, certainly for initial set-ups or for those not adjusting the gain manually and leaving it at -10.


After a bit of fumbling around and help from @foxhunter, @tomvdhorst and @wiedehopf I’ve now got one Pi running tar1090/readsb with maximum manual gain and a second Pi running dump1090-fa with auto-gain, as my PSP performs better with a fixed manual gain, but my RTL setup appears to work better with auto-gain - no idea why, but just looking at both my FA and FR24 stats.

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I have all PSP’s I’m thinking of getting a RTL-SDR just for reference puproses. I’m think of builing a test set-up, so either a 5th PSP or a RTL-SDR. Pricewise it doesn’t differ much, but then again I woul have to get a decent antenna for it as well ( and a filter and maybe a preamp) :rofl: there goes the low budget option…

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I think the PSPs are the best, but the RTL should have slightly better message rate.
I’ve got both, just for fun and to compare - I have my Jetvision Air Squitter too, but that’s more of a setup and leave it device.
I’ve actually split my signal from the antenna, after my Uputronics preamp, using Mini-Circuits splitters*, so that I can have just one antenna - I know there’s a loss, but with my decent LMR-400 coax and then the Uputronics, it’s pretty minimal.
Might be an easier thing to try, if you want to do some comparisons with dongles.


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