PiAware Updates - Automatic or Manual ?

I have a question regarding PiAware updates.

On my user page I have the “Auto-update PiAware software” set to “Allow auto-updating”.

However, in the “Send command to device” pulldown there are numerous upgrade options such as:
“Upgrade everything - Debian Packages, PiAware, Kernel, firmware, etc.”
“Upgrade all installed Debian packages”
“Upgrade and restart PiAware”
“Upgrade and restart dump1090”

Does leaving “Auto-update PiAware software” set to “Allow auto-updating” take care of all of the above, or if not should I be running some of those options ?

Yes, but I believe it’s only for the PiAware software itself. Linux updates and Dump1090 updates would have to be done manually. Perhaps a FA staff member can enlighten all of us…