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Piaware auto-update

I have made a few configuration changes to dump1090 as well as software installations on my Pi. Will Piaware auto-update overwrite my entire SD card, or just change Piaware itself?

I would assume that auto update can and likely will overwrite config and other files during the update process, including dump1090. Consider turning off auto update.

Suggest backing up your edited config files at the very least. I keep a backup image of the entire SD card myself, keeping good notes as to what’s on which card, I have about 6 or so of them with various projects / experiments on them. I have two RPi’s, one is “production” that I pretty much leave alone and a “dev” where I goof with tweeks.

Good ideas. Thanks. Regarding your SD card backup, I’m doing this too.

My autoupdate to V1.18 maintained any changes I had made.

Great to know. Thanks.

How can I make sure the piaware auto update is ‘off’?
I have piware and dump1090 install on my RasPI via ‘the hard way’.


sudo piaware-config -autoUpdate 0