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PiAware SSID changes to default on its own

I keep getting notices from FlightAware that my site is down (RPIi 3B, active cooling, Flightaware Pro Stick Plus, 5db antenna) and is not sending data. I checked the config.txt file and the SSID for my wifi network had been changed, to MyWifiNetwork and a seemingly random password. I re-imaged the SD card with a fresh Piaware image and edited the config.txt to connect to Wifi. All was fine for a few days, and the Piaware site is down again-and the config.txt file has been changed back to MyWifiNetwork.

If I connect the RPi to Ethernet it works immediately, but I do not have ethernet anywhere near where the Piaware unit is installed.

I am suspecting SD card corruption, but is there any other likely culprit? The SD Card is a Sandisk Extreme 32GB.


I have found that if I lose power, I sometimes quit working. I re-image SD card and all is good. I have never found where the corruption was. Now I have someplace to look. I do use Sandisk cards.



See this post:


I’ve heard of that as well, but this particular card was purchased at Best Buy. I am certain it is not a fake.

I’m running on a different SD card now, a Samsung, so we will see how it goes.

That sure sounds like sdcard problems (strange that it’s so specific) - piaware won’t spontaneously modify config files on its own.

I installed PiAware to a Buster Lite image so config files may be in a different place but my wifi settings are in my /etc/wpa_supplicant/ wpa_supplicant.conf file.


I have a SanDisk card in my device since Saturday and no issues with that