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MicroSD cards are write protected now

Bought a SanDisk Ultra 64 GB at a local store for 10,99€ which is 12.15USD/16.20CAD at the moment

The 64 GB was something like CAD$19.00.

Hope you purchased 32 Gb class 10 microSD cards for Canadian $5.99 each.

I did, 3 in fact. Thanks again for the heads up.

It’s made in Taiwan, so quality is likely good.

I will also go there tomorrow.
It is so cheap, very tempting, though I have surplus.

SanDisk is one of (or the) the most counterfeit brand of SD cards. Just saying.
Estimation is that one in three sold is fake.


Another plus for the ADATA cards that @abcd567 uses, and that I now purchase as well.

When the ADATA sells for one half to one third of the price of Sandisk and Samsung, there is no incentive to counterfeit those.

Being manufactured in Taiwan may also mean the quality is good.

I am using these since last 4 years without any trouble, although I very frequenly use Win32DiskImager.

4 of my ADATA cards (5th one is inside the RPi).
Blue & red maker marks I placed for identification (like colored rings on a resistor :slightly_smiling_face:)

It is worth mentioning that I never purchased microSD cards on-line, or from a small store.

I always purchased these in-store from a large & reputeable store having branches in many cities of Canada.

If you get them directly from amazon and not through a marketplace seller, you’ll not get counterfeit sandisk or samsung cards.
The supply chain is too short for counterfeit in that case.

Also there are other reputable online stores as well.
No reason to believe there is less chance getting counterfeit than in walk-in stores.

Price + Shipping are much higher than what I get if I make an in-store purchase. The store is only 4km from my aparment, and no wait for delivery.

Not saying amazon is better in regards to price or anything.
Just talking the counterfeit aspect.


I’ve purchased many counterfeit items directly from Amazon including 2 Samsung Galaxy S9 phones. The good part is that they will take items back without question for a full refund. I drop returns at Whole Foods Market 2 miles from my house. Amazon has 2 warehouses in my metro area.

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So it wasn’t marketplace?

You have to look closely to see the difference.
(Some items are even shipped by amazon but still sold by another shop)

But it’s fine blaming amazon, they should differentiate a lot more clearly.

I only buy directly from Amazon due to the unreliability of the marketplace.
Items are marked “sold and shipped by Amazon”. Since I’m a Prime member most items have same day delivery if I order before noon.

I remember reading about a case where it transpired that amazon mixed inventory from sellers and their own.

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Just found this while browsing.

Upto 100MB/s Read, 75MB/s Write
Canadian $10.88 (=US $8.18)


What is the difference between microSDHC and microSDXC?

Never mind. Googled and found the answer:

microSDHC : Has a capacity of more than 2GB and up to 32GB, and works in hardware that supports either SDHC and SDXC.

microSDXC : Has a capacity of more than 32GB and up to 2TB (although at the time of writing, 1TB is the largest available card), and is only supported in SDXC -compatible devices.

Next question:
Does Raspberry PI support microSDXC?

Google knows that too :smiley:

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That’s an excellent price.