PiAware not uploading data but...

I have the most recent version of PiAware installed and for the 9 days, FlightAware has been reporting that the receiver has not checked in. I can use view1090 to see that it is pulling positions. If i run sudo piaware-config -status, nothing is reported. Just moves to the next command prompt. I have manually run the upgrade lines with the same results and restarted just the piaware app and also rebooted the device. Same results. Any suggestions?


What does “sudo piaware-status” say?

Nothing is returned. No status at all. Just returns to a command prompt.

If you want to, can you try to see if the packages are all there? Try doing the following (this will install a package called mlocate, update the files database and then we’ll search to see if everything is there…)

sudo apt-get install mlocate
sudo updatedb
sudo locate piaware-config

Edit: Before trying that, try and see if the piaware-config responds to anything:

piaware-config -help

That sounds pretty broken. If you’re using a sdcard image, try starting again from a fresh image.

It does not reply with anything when given sudo piaware-config -help. Just a prompt again.

sudo locate does find 5 entries

does anyone know if I can remove just piaware and force a install without having to refresh the entire image?

Like obj said, it sounds pretty broken. How did you install the packages in the first place? PiAware image, or did you build it yourself?

It was installed from an image originally. However, the receiver is located remotely and I was hoping to address the issue remotely.