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"piaware is not running" msg from piaware-config


I have two pi’s both running FlightAware’s software, and both are working. FlightAware is receiving data, etc.

However, on both machines, piaware-config says otherwise…

pi@raspberrypi2:/ $ sudo piaware-config -status
piaware is not running
allow-auto-updates yes # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:7
allow-manual-updates yes # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:8
enable-firehose yes # value set at /etc/piaware.conf:9

Why does piaware-config think piaware is not running?

Does this indicate a problem, or what?

Further notes:
On #1 machine, OS is wheezy, and piaware image was installed.
On #2 machine, OS is stretch, and piaware was installed via apt.
Both running piaware 3.6.3 .


Try piaware-status.

piaware-config -status actually needs removing, that code is very out of date and doesn’t work right.

(also, plan to reimage that wheezy install if you can…)


Thank you. Indeed, the wheezy image is on the way out.