PiAware mini-network

I recently got my FA ProStick up and running, much to my surprise: mblacklin ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware .

I tuned the gain a little bit (40.2), and am receiving >200miles with it. I’m quite happy, save for the fact that due to mountains, my field-of-view is somewhat limited.

That said, I live on an island (Oahu). My thought is to try and build a small network (4-ish) of receivers to better cover the island. The reason being that I fly drones as part of my job, and would like to have a more recent and complete picture of incoming air traffic for my visual observers than what the main FlightAware site offers.

The question I have is this: Is it possible to show the data from multiple receivers on one map, for the purpose of enhanced situational awareness?

First of all, you need to bring all your devices on a virtual common network.
I recommend this:

Once the sources are all on the same network domain, I have used this to display those multiple ADS-B sources on one screen:

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You could also use Mode S Mixer to combine them and view them on SkyView.

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You don’t necessarily need something like that.

Dynamic DNS and port forwarding on the site you want to display the results should be enough.

You can use a dump1090-fa instance with the --net-only option to combine all the results.
Maybe i’ll write something about setting this up in a separate thread.
Then on the remote stations you can use this script (High rise antenna? - #46 by wiedehopf)
to forward the beast traffic.

If you have some networking knowledge or can understand what is happening in the linked thread i believe you can manage setting it up.
I explained quite a bit about the network stuff in that thread so i recommend giving it a read.

Maybe what Sonic suggested is easier though :wink:

Yes, I’m slow to catch all those command-line details, and that ZeroTier just worked :smile: Especially when all the sites have dynamic IP (I was using cell data on remote sites).

To combine all in one site with something else than VirtualServer is definitely possible. But that was a WIndows solution, easy for me to understand and setup.

I have stopped using it because the data usage was higher than 1GB monthly that I had avail free at that time (FreedomPop) and… I didn’t wanted to pay extra.