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Multible receivers

I just installed a second piaware, is there a way to connect the two so they show up on one map?

VRS is one possibility.

Thanks, I do have that as an option too.
I wanted to zoom in more, maybe a need to look at another map.

Think might be the link, but it might be IP based?
Remote Interface: SkyAware Anywhere (all sites on one map)

It is not IP based. The only requirement is that you need to be logged in to your Flightaware account to which your receivers are linked, and all receivers linked to that account will be shown on that single map.

You can look into this if you want: GitHub - wiedehopf/combine1090: Combine data from multiple dump1090 receivers into one dump1090


Hopefully an easy question… Looking at setting up the 978 version (already have the 1080 running on PiAware 5.0). Question, Can I just plug in a second " Pro Stick Plus " into my existing unit or is it best to have a second Pi to install it on and have both logged in sending data? What is the easiest and most popular way to get this done?

Also, if using 2 Sticks in 1 Pi, what different or config changes do we need to make.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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No that model has a filter for 1090 MHz so you can’t use it for 978.

You need at least a Pi3 to run two SDRs, the power supply should be the official one or something equivalent.

This is how you can set it up:
How to Install and Configure Piaware 5.0 SD card image - Quickstart Guide

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Thank you for your info… I just ordered everything I needed… I currently have the “FlightAware Pro Stick Plus (Blue)” that I will used for the 1090 and ordered a new FlightAware Pro Stick (Yellow). Already have a filter as I used to have the yellow one that went bad a long time ago… Hopefully by the end of the week it will be all up and working… These units are too large to plug both into the same unit together, so I ordered a couple short USB Extensions and I hope that is acceptable as well.

Some are, some have thin copper and are not.
You’ll just have to test it.