Piaware Issues

I have modesmixer2 running to supply data to pfclient but when it’s all up and running I don’t have a web page on any port. The faup1090 process shows no web enabled and I can’t find where to configure this, has anyone an idea?

Also I see this line in the log file:

Beast-format results connection with localhost:30004: [Errno 111] Connection refused

What is port 30004, which is open on the firewall and what is the connection trying to achieve?


faup1090 does not provide a webpage (and isn’t intended to), you should use something else like dump1090 / modesmixer / etc for that.

Port 30004 is used in the default configuration to return mlat results from fa-mlat-client. Usually dump1090 is listening there. If you’re running modesmixer it may need some extra configuration. It’s an internal connection, you don’t need to expose it outside the Pi.

Thanks, understood.