Really confused here

I’m running dump1090-mutability 1.15~dev abd piaware 2.1.3.

I’ve tried all the fixes on the previous discussions i.e.

Edit /etc/default/dump1090-mutability

Port to listen on for Beast-format input connections. 0 disables.


And I am STILL getting
Beast-format results connection with localhost:30104: [Errno 111] Connection refused

I’ve done this
$ sudo piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat “beast,connect,localhost:30104 basestation,listen,31003” && sudo service piaware restart

and nothing changes. I’m beginning to pull out what little hair i’ve got left :cry:

Does anyone have any help please?

Did you restart dump1090-mutability after the config change?


I shutdown the RPi2 and did a clean reboot

Check which ports dump1090-mutability is actually listening on: sudo netstat -ntap | grep dump1090

and/or check /var/log/dump1090-mutability.log for errors.

sure it´s 30104? or 30004?

30104 is the current piaware default. But it doesn’t matter what you choose so long as you configure it the same on both sides (piaware and dump1090)

I configured both to be 30104 and they worked for about 4 hours then the next day stopped working. I them re-configured them both to 30004 and it hasn’t thrown any more errors as of yet. Not sure if why 30104 stopped working or why it wont work now.

I would guess that you have another dump1090 version running (with a different configuration) that’s competing for the dongle. This will be obvious if you look at the logs as I suggested.

It would be obvious if it were in fact true, which its not!

If it is happening, it will be obvious from the logs. What do the logs say at the time when you saw problems? I mean, dump1090 doesn’t randomly change its port configuration for no reason so obviously something is going on there.