PiAware auto login? Wrong location

Greetings from the newbie.

After having multiple problems getting PP to correctly feed to FA I have a new setup with a Raspberry Pi2. I took the EZ way and made a bootable PiAware SD. Now there are many questions:

I get many incorrect logins (pi, flightaware) before it actually works. Is there anyway to bypass the user/pass for unattended login? I am not planning on having a monitor and keyboard always connected.

Providing MLAT is also attractive to me. Is there a way to share data from the RasPi to PP and FA?

FA reports my RasPi location many miles away from my PP feed location. How do I correct this? They are both within feet of each other.

My ultimate goal is to have the RasPi have two dongles, one for ADS-B and one for ACARS, be able to observe the data locally on a WIN PC on my LAN using PP or FA and to share the data (including MLAT capabilities) with PP and FA. The RasPi would remain on 24/7 and would be located close to the antenna. In the event of a power failure the RasPi would simply reboot and start working once power was restored. Am I dreaming?

TIA for any advice

I assume you set up your Pi by downloading the software from the Flight Aware (FA) web site. So you already have unattended login. Whenever you power-up/boot your Raspberry, three FA programs are loaded and started. Dump1090, faup1090, and piaware] These are running as soon as the boot process completes. You do not need to log in. Piaware establishes a secure link between your Pi and the FA server.

You appear to have an account with FA. Have you registered your Pi with FA? If not do so. i am not familiar with Plane Plotter, but with piaware you must select the “My ADS-B” tab at the top of the FA page. Once that new page opens you can tell FA to allow MLAT and also set your latitude and longitude.

You mention many incorrect logins “before it works”. If you have a Raspberry Pi 2 watch the upper right-hand corner of your monitor when the pi goes through the boot and login process. A small multicolored square may appear. That square is a low power indicator. It comes on when the on-board 5 volt regulator cannot maintain 5 volts due to too large a load. The pi is finicky and does strange things when it is not getting enough power. A two amp power supply is suggested. What you can try is disconnecting everything but the RTL dongle and then connecting the power. If the red power LED lights and the green LED next to it flashes (booting) start connecting the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Things might go more smoothly.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the info

This morning a new site appeared on my FA profile and I was able to correct the location
Also this am I was able to login on the first try. I dunno, Gremlins???
I have proven that everything is running before login. A bad assumption on my part that login happened prior to running.
Today I’m working on more configuration on the Pi.