Piaggio P180 Worst airplane

I have no idea how quiet the inside of the plane might be. I am told that the 13 passengers and crew enjoy the flight. The millions of us that are on the ground and have to endure the weed whacker noise for several miles both coming and going past us, would be very pleased if they were all sent back to Italy.

It does have a distict sound for sure, I always know when they are overhead, without looking. A little less noise would be nice, but I don’t find it offensive by any stretch of the imagination. Are you one of those assh…mmm, people that move next to an airport and then complain about the noise? Or do you have a problem with Italians?

“Worst airplane” :question:

…oooo, them’s fight’n words to some around here… :open_mouth:

Some of us could sit and watch 'em takeoff and land all day! I was about 65 miles out on a cross country flight Saturday when I heard one making position reports going into my home base! I was SOOOOoooooo tempted to turn around and go back, but I figured it’d probably be gone by the time I got back. I’m damned sure sorry I missed it!

PS: This should have gone in the “Charter, Fractional, and Private” forum. Imagine that… a "Charter Member"with six posts.

Needlenose–Imagine that… a "Charter Member"with six posts.
Buddy–Now now! No need to get snippy. lol
deef1999–Are you one of those assh…mmm, people that move next to an airport and then complain about the noise? Or do you have a problem with Italians?
Buddy–Perhaps it would be a good idea if the both of you had stopped your “discussion” reply with the first paragraph. You both gave good responses to my statement and then decided that it was necessary to attack the poster. I have posted on many sites but find that when the posts start to get personal, they are a waste of time.
I will respond to this though. Italians are my blood. I mentioned Italy because, if you don’t know, that is where they were manufactured. As for the airport, while I am under the approach (4 miles away) to one of the busiest single runway airports in this country, along with 1500 other residents, the Piaggio is the only plane that anyone ever complains about. We have lived here for 30 years, co-existing with the airport but it never was a problem until after 911 and all the time it started taking to get through security. That’s when the corporate jets and the 180 showed up. We have many jets and turbo props crossing over us all the time. Even the helicopters don’t bother folks as much as the P180. Yes. Lovely to look at, but not when it flys over you at an altitude of 1000-1500 feet.

Sorry Buddy… I didn’t mean it as an “attack” - just an observation. I’m sorry if it sounded that way. Many members post here frequently and envy those who signed-on early and have “Charter Member” status. And to see that elite status go to waste makes my heart sick… :cry:

Needlenose–Thank you for the apology.
If you only knew just how busy this 68 year old is, with all that I volunteer to do for my fellow retirees and family as well as responding to 30-60 e-mails a day and trying to have some down time for myself. I don’t post a lot but I do read posts at several sites. It just seems that it would be redundant to post just for the sake of posting, if I already agree with other comments.
Actually, when I posted “worst aircraft”, I was really expecting comments such as–no, this aircraft is, because–LOL
Instead, what I got was what Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh In–Verwy Interwesting–lol

Your original post reads like a Troll, perhaps that’s why you didn’t get much in the way of a response.

The Avanti carries 9 passengers and a crew of two, not 13. The P180 makes a distinctive square wave noise when passing overhead, similar to the Beech Starship, due to the wing wake and engine exhaust effects on the pusher propellers. That exterior noise, while odd sounding, is not appreciably noisier than comparable turboprop aircraft.

Without leaping into the “fray”, it’s interesting (to me anyway) that the old Piaggio 166 also had a distinctive and loud sound. Someone else mentioned the Starship so perhaps our resident experts could comment on the acoustic affect of rear-facing propellers.

Sorry if this is too sensible 8)

“Super Loud Piaggio Avanti taking off”


Did you notice who the second and third comments were by? :wink:

I am a fan of the Paggio on paper. Large cabin, ultra low volume burn, high altitude, nice TAS. I think its a great part 91 plane for an owner pilot, but not sure how well it would do with charter customers. There is a perception about “prop” planes to unfamiliar charter customers. I have never flown one - but I would like to.

The word is getting around among potential owners that the Piaggio will take 9 passengers better than jet distances at 95% of jet speeds for 60% of the fuel burn.

That does a great deal to allay any “prop” fears.

I agree, but keep in mind I was referring to charter customers. The stats you posted is why I stated this is a great part 91 owner / pilot plane. The question I raised is how it would do in the 135 charter world where the “prop” fears live.

So you did, sorry. I would think it would do as well, if not better, than the Pilatus or Caravan which are both well perceived in 135 ops.

And even King Airs…

As long as nobody got thrown out of one, sure. :wink:

Seriously, I would think the equating of the Avanti with the King Air would be a major milestone for Piaggio.

Noise? What noise? Let’s just say everyone here knows its around 18:15 when Purolator’s 1011 is wheels up.

I enjoy watching the traffic. I should be interesting for next winters Olympics when they are going to use YYJ for Vancouver clearing and parking of small aircraft.

Back to the spotters’ books for you, my lad. Those are 727s and a lovely noise they make too.

I stand corrected. Thanks.