Piagggio P-180 Avanti

The plane of weirdest aspect I’ve seen

Piaggio P 180 Avanti (close takeoff) [4K] - YouTube)

Piagggio P-180 Avanti from Pan Européenne Air Service (F-HCPE)

This small business aircraft is a fantastic example of good aeronautical design. NASA, Learjet Corp, Ferrari & Piaggio have all played a part in its creation. I think the P-180 Avanti could be the future of small commuter aircraft. Fast, lean of fuel and with Italian style and flair.

:arrow_right: Article from Wired tells the P-180 story - http://www.wired.com/2010/08/piaggio-p180-business-airplane/



I was watching the aircraft coming over my house yesterday evening (18:00 BST) with ADSB-Feeder ( thanks Jo jprochazka and I spotted 2 US military aircraft flying the same route at 27,000 feet coming in from the West. ADSB Feeder had no information about them except their hex codes. They were heading directly over my house so as it was clear skies I got my binoculars out. They looked just like the Piaggio P-180 Avanti. Squared off wings, high tail, twin turboprop and they sounded like “pushers”. I noticed a bright red flashing light under each wing.

Their hex codes were AE58B6 and AE58B7. They started to descend in Germany and I lost them.