Taser's Piaggio



Piaggio owned by the principals of: taser.com/Pages/default.aspx

Notable because they make great products and it is one of the coolest paint jobs you will see. All black with lightening bolts running the length of the fuselage. :blush: Sorry, don’t have any pics yet, hoping someone else does.


copyright John Meneely


Nope, I can’t find any pics of it… but I did find a notable film clip of a P-180 struttin’ it’s stuff. CLICK HERE

Sooner or later, someone will post a pic or video of it. For future reference, try clicking the links below:
Search for N7PS on Airliners.net
P-180 Videos on FlightLevel350.com


:laughing: Or just look up! Google must be a well kept secret. :laughing:




Don’t get any ideas! :open_mouth:


I assume by wazzu’s post that he found the pic via a google search? My prior ‘googling’ didn’t come up with anything, nor did my visit to airliners.net.

Any google tricks to finding google pics? Hey, I just made that up… :laughing:

Anyway, thanks for the response.


GOOGLE “N7PS Photo” and click the FIRST LINK. :blush:

Good deal Wazzu! :wink:

I knew YOU’D especially like that!!!

That is a cool paint job!
How’d you learn about this plane?


Didn’t you all know that in order to acquire one’s pilot’s license, one must also acquire their private investigator’s license as well? hee. Great photo and great find! That jet is a realy looker and got a second take from me.


I was just kidding Needle, you were probably posting that around the same time I posted the pic.


Credit goes to FA on this one. I live under the flight path of KSDL which I regularly track on FA. Saw a black Piaggio go out one day, checked departure activity and presto…

Saw it on the ramp a few days later. They have owned several aircraft over the years, C182,C414,C421,C501,GIII, not sure if they have anything other than the Piaggio now.

I’ll take *Plane Spotting Geeks *for $500 Alex…