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Pi Aware on Pi 2B - issues

I am attempting to set up Pi-Aware on a Pi 2B. I downloaded the Pi Aware 3.8.1 image from the site.

I am using a CanaKit Wifi USB adapter, but when it boots, the page says “wlan0 DOWN” and when I use the command line to set it “up”, the status doesn’t change. How do I get it to recognize the wifi adapter and connect to my network? I edited the piaware config file to set Wireless to ON and input the SSID and password.

2nd question–can I boot it to the standard R-Pi GUI, or will it only boot to the command prompt/ Pi-Aware status page?

Doublecheck your SSID and password. Reboot afterwards.

The sdcard image is designed to be headless and does not include the usual desktop package (it is, essentially, Raspbian Lite + customization).

You can, in theory, install the desktop packages on top of a piaware sdcard image. But if you want a multipurpose Pi install then a better plan is probably to install a full Raspbian desktop sdcard image and then install dump1090-fa and piaware via a package install. The piaware sdcard image generally assumes that you don’t want to heavily customize the image (e.g. you will find that it wants to regenerate config files automatically)

Thanks! Turns out I had one letter in my SSID lower case that should have been upper case. All works now!