Photos not showing up?


I get the weekly aviation news and photo update, but when I click on the photos to see them on the website half of them don’t load! I get the red X, whether I click the medium, large, or full. I am logged in to the site when I attempt that, and I have the same problems from my work computer and both my home computers.

Anyone else experience this problem? It’s frustrating!!



Are you still having this issue?


Yes, I just received the latest weekly news and photo update about ten minutes ago and of the eight photos, only one loaded when I clicked it to view on the website.

I have yet to try it on my home computer.


I have never had that problem. That is really weird. :confused:


I’ve had this problem for months now. I can’t see ANY photo’s in the photo’s section. :frowning:


I have no such difficulties. In this particular instance the machine I’m on at present is running Windows 7 and my preferred browser is Firefox 3.5.4. But I can’t duplicate your problem under IE8 either.

I’ll check some of my other machines running Windows XP or Vista later this morning, but I can’t recall having any problems with the photo pages on those machines either.


When I click on PHOTOS on the left, I see white boxes with 5 green circles. That’s it. It’s like this no matter if I use firefox, internet explorer, or safari on multiple computers.


crk112 – are you using gmail?



Can’t answer for crk112, but I use Gmail and am not encountering any problems clicking on the thumbnails within the email. … 2a11591fa1 viewed fine in MSIE 7.0 here when I clicked on the link within the newsletter from my Gmail account


If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, try clearing your browser cache (Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History -> Delete).


Yes but I use Outlook to read my emails.

The photos show up just fine in the email though. When I click them to open up the FlightAware website is when I encounter problems. At work we use IE but at home I use Google Chrome.

I have noticed that at first, I can generally open one or two of the photos but the rest do not load when I open the page. After a couple of days they seem to work just fine.

Perhaps FlightAware is simply sending out the emails before they have all the full-size photos uploaded??? Seems kind of a far-fetched theory though, I know.


Just received today’s Weekly Aviation News & Photo Update.

Again, the thumbnails all show up in the email just fine. I clicked on each one of them to open them on the website. The very first one (in this case it’s of the space shuttle launch) shows up, none of the rest of them show up on the website.


Issue is still happening in today’s weekly email


Sorry for the necro but was there ever an outcome to this prob?

I currently have been having the same thing since I joined.

Win 7 x64