Photo Upload Problems - New Twist

Problems with the photo upload script have been reported a few times over the last year. Usually, this involves the script appearing to upload photos - but the thumbnails are never generated and the photos never appear in the database.

The newest version of the problem is that some thumbnails do not appear but the photos are uploaded.

If you upload 20 photos, you may get 12-13 thumbnails, leading you to believe that 7-8 never made it. But they are there.

Logging out & back in, and clearing the cache does not solve the problem. And I’ve experienced it on Safari and IE.

I’ve had that problem, also.

Now its not saving info entered for aircraft? allways something :smiley:

Sorry we forgot to post. The first issue should have been solved. Can you better describe the new issue?

after uploading photo and entering description, I click the ‘save tags’ button and the photo would go away, went back to photo section, the photo was there but no info, problem fixed itself 30-45 minutes after I noticed it.

I have uploaded a photo of N700NW
( … tes/page/1 ) but am unable to add the tail number tag.

There is a previous photo for which the thumbnail is shown, but that photo has been deleted. Is this why my photo is “unnamed” ?

ETA: I have now successfully updated the tail number tag. Thanks for fixing it. If you didn’t fix it, then never mind :slight_smile: .

I still think the thumbnail which leads to a deleted photo should be tossed.

to get a browse indication on my mac safari to start an upload. would like to post some pics though.

Love it!
Helicopter and jet skis. Both are VERY fun! :wink: