Photo Section



I think it would be neat to have a section somewhere so members could comment on the phots submitted. I for one would like to be able to say, “WOW, thats a great image” to deserving photographers. I would like to have feedback on my submissions, especially if I made an error on acft type.

Just a thought



Adding annotations shared with your Flight Crew(s) is on the todo list, but not public comments.


I like tracking who’s coming and going from our local airport. That normally means 3 open tabs in the browser: flightaware, faa, and

Surely they would be willing to open their database of pictures to search and linking for a share of the click revenue. They always appear in the top 5 listings when you search for a tail number and 8 out of 10 times they have at least 1 picture of the plane. If they don’t want to partner, create an auto search function that lists photos of that plane at other sites. Clicking opens another tab and you don’t have to share anything.



There are several photos uploaded here with the incorrect info, type aircraft, etc;

That is why we should be able to comment publicly