Aircraft tail number and Comment box for photos


Hi. Ive been using this site since 2009 and ive always wanted to be able to know exactly what the aircraft flying over head looked like by searching their tail number. enables users to see the tail number and even a picture along with the info. And #2, I would also love to have a photo comment box so we can share opinions on the great photos uploaded to this site. Thanks.


Adding a comments section on the photos would be great!


I would like to be able to add tags to other people’s pictures suc has tail number, aicraft type, carrier, airport or such. Especially when they do not submit tags on their uploads.

I’d like to be able to add Tail number and Flight number under which the plane is operating.

Thanks for the good work!


I work at an FBO and to respect our client’s privacy I always Photoshop out the tails numbers. I think having the ability to add tail numbers or comments to someone’s picture would be ok as long as it shows the user name of the person who added that info.


Why? The registration is public information. Do you cover the registration when the plane is parked at your FBO? Why even bother posting the pictures if you are going to ruin them? Do us (or, at least me) a favor and don’t even bother posting the pictures if you are going to ruin them.


Adding a space for comments from image viewers should be thought about carefully.

By now the internet is of course well-known for the flamers who post nasty remarks because they can.

As it stands now we have a lot of very nice pictures without having to deal with negative comments.


Not to liken FlightAware to Facebook but say when you tag a friend in a picture and there is someone else you aren’t friends with in that picture, but are friends with your friend, they can tag themselves but you have to approve or deny the tag. This could be the same thing here. If you don’t want your tail number, airport or whatever tagged in the shot, you can disallow it.


This would require verification of the owner for every aircraft mark, worldwide - Facebook performs no such verification.


If a picture of an aircraft is taken in a public place (e.g. an airport) then there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. The aircraft can be identified by registration and owner without legal consequences.