PG&E E135


Is Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) getting rid of its Dornier 328 N328DC*and concentrating on Embraer 135 N615PG?

*With the exception of the two flights shown as of now (OAK-TUL-MYR), this aircraft has been blocked from view.


I seem to remember the 328 being for sale a few months ago. All I’ve seen here in SBP since I’ve been home is the 135.


The 328 has been for sale for about a year and PG & E has been outsourcing a number of flights until the 135 was up and running. If the 328 went to MYR it was most likely handed off at Avcraft or who ever is running that mess at MYR these days.


I haven’t seen the Dornier in a long while. They seem to have been basing the Embraer out of SBP since it tends to be parked here overnight 3 or 4 days a week. While I do like the jet, I miss the uniqueness of the 6 bladed turboprop.


About 15 years ago I think they had a Malibu and a slowtation. Amazing the toys you can buy after bankruptcy and government bail outs.


I was just down at MYR a little over a week ago, just before you posted what I quoted, and I remember seeing 328DC there at Avcraft, along with about 10 other 328s!


Among other things I pumped gas at SBP a LONG time ago when they had a Merlin 2B, followed by a Citation 2, a G1, then they got rid of the Citation and added a second G1 and a Falcon 20 (for a short period) followed by the DO and now the 135.
I flew for them for a short period at the end of the Citation and beginning of the G1 era. They were also chartering a whole bunch of Navajo/Twin Cessna sized aircraft in those days as well. The second G1 killed off the need for the charters.
Listening on liveatc I don’t recognize any of the voices flying the 135.
I don’t know where the consider home, as 2pointO said they RON at SBP during the week but are in OAK for the weekend, presumably for maintenance (?).