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(Perhaps) stupid question about VIEW1090-FA

Hello everybody!
I tried to search the forum, but I had no answer.
What the last column on the right (Ti) stand for?
I can suppose Time inactive…

Another question: is there the possibility of adding other columns in view1090 output?

Thank’ s in advance and Happy Easter!

Hm, maybe the time of the last update for that particular aircraft.

If an aircraft goes out of sight, it will remain visible for a certain time.
There’s a column which should be the same:


Time since last message.

Not really, it is set up for an 80-column terminal and it’s already completely full.

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It’s open source, so you can add as many columns as you like.
But i realize that’s not realistic for most people.
Good reason to get into coding though! :slight_smile:
(there are easier projects to start)

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