people on


i was thinking of having something that tells who is on. kinda like a buddy list. This is for people who want to ask someone a question and get an answer from that person and not waiting for a person. Think about it if you like it. :smiley:


You mean kind of like this?


not just people who are browsing but everyone that has log on the site at that time like aim.


Personally, I don’t like the idea. It’s a waste of computing power and I don’t care who else is on when I’m on. This isn’t AIM (which stands for Am I a Moron for using aol? - just kidding - don’t get your panties in a bunch!). In other words, it’s not a social group or a friend finding group.


damiross i think your just full of yourself and really don’t care about anything else then yourself. I have read a lot of things that have been negative and how people on here don’t seem to like you very much, Everything you have said to me or others i skim through it not caring what you have to say. So WHATEVER I DON’T CARE.


I agree, no one cares whos online. Lets not waste the developers time with unnecessary features.



Honestly, you really can’t take it personally and rant every time someone dislikes your ideas here. It makes the discussions a bit messy.

Back on topic, I’d rather see the site concentrate more on bringing out more flight tracking features, and leave the discussion page on the back burner for the time being.


I know that but have you ever said something and ALWAYS have the same person rag on you. After a while you get sick of it. Maybe this topic wasn’t a good one but it was a though. But i have had people like a topic and then the same person puts it down.


In that case, I’m going to step away and not get in the middle of a personal argument. :wink:


lets just stop it all and not get pissed at each other. Im sorry for anything i have said to get people mad at me. :blush: So in that case what are people tracking right now?


Nitro - you have brought many a smile to my face (!) and do have some pearls of wisdom, free speech - right on.

But, too be blunt do you not think a chat room or AIM with your buddies might not be a better way to express some of your thoughts, I could skip through your postings but get a bit narked with whats your best song/favourite vid/what r u trcking right now/ spectacular cloud formation/best airline bun/most identifiable VOR appearing in the FLIGHTAWARE discussions.
I dont want to squash passion but yer comments are a bit too…general!

Raise the bar kid. Ta.

Stiff upper lip in old blighty - for those that understand.


It just me trying to be friendly and to get a good idea what people like. thats all. I have found out lots of good info from people like when i ask what there favorit airline is i look for things to help or show some pics to be nice. Thats what we do around here anyways.


damiross i think your just full of yourself and really don’t care about anything else then yourself.

My feelings are hurt! I’m going to pout in the corner and hold my breath until you apologize.

The above was sarcasm. Nitro88, if you are going to play with the big boys then you are going to have to learn not to be so thin skinned.

I agree with the others on this topic that have said this is not a chat room. If you want a chat room, then go to AIM or Yahoo Messenger or whatever. I come here to learn more about the feautres of FlightAware. I come here to learn more about aviation in general. I don’t come here to find out what somebody’s favorite song to listen to while on a flight.

I try my hardest to not offend others, even when they need to be offended. If you don’t like what I say and can’t take the opinions of others, then skip my postings along with the other ones that disagree with you.


DUDE how the hell is that sarcasm i was dead serious. But once again you come along and act like a big shot to put people down. CONGRATS :stuck_out_tongue: I BET YOU FELL BIG NOW DON’T YOU. Now THAT was sarcasm.


Remember what we talked about, Nitro… Let it go…


Your right i’m going to let it go. PEACE


Me, too.


Ok then but this is not sarcasm at all. Have a good one. :smiley:


ok now we have calmed down a bit…

Nitro, I too have learnt a lot from this site, some things I can participate in with knowledge, some are totally new and v. interesting. We have a real mixed bag of contributors that makes for lively :open_mouth: informed discussion.

I still stand by my original comments and just ask you to consider the forum you are posting in.
If you need to take the gloves off and have a swipe then best PM me rather than continue here otherwise…respect.

Cheers Mate


88nitro305 can I suggest you take out a membership for the forums on I think you’d be more than welcome on there.

Good topics to discuss are :

Why Boeing are better than Airbus (or vv.)
When are NW going to retire their DC9s.

PS. Newark777, stop laughing :laughing: .